Hi! Its me, Morgan.

These last few months have been crazy to say the least, which put Tiny Moon on a sight hold but I figured it was time to officially introduce myself to those of you I don’t know yet! 

As most of you know, this little dream of mine was born during a hiatus from my full time events job. The crazy hectic lifestyle of live events ended as Covid took off and I could see the industry changing so quickly. A week before Ada, my second daughter was due to arrive, I was furloughed and during my months off I finally gave myself the chance to slow down and think about what I wanted. But then I got bored and needed something to do. 🤪

I’d always joked saying “I’d love to just plan kids parties for a living.” So with my time off I started building on the idea of providing a product that would have everything you need for a party all in one box delivered to your door.

For showers and parties I'd planned in the past I could never find what I wanted so always ended up designing or making it myself into the midnight hour. But it was such a mess trying to find the right reds to match or hunting across multiple sites to get the ONE cake topper that would be the perfect detail. 

Obviously starting something and putting your name behind it is terrifying but I knew I could make it happen so starting designing and helping a few friends with their kid's birthdays. 

From there the Event Kit was born, activity boxes came to life and I just loved learning new skills and helping friends make great things for their loved ones. The support has been amazing and has given me a chance to reconnect with a passion of mine that I hadn’t had a chance to explore in years. 

Now I am back working full time and although I am not dedicating 100% of my time to Tiny Moon, I am still here to help you celebrate that special moment. It’s no joke the grind that goes into being a full time working mom with 2 little ones and a side hustle. But I love it and I want it to grow this dream in the right way. 

I’m here for all the tiny moments! I want to make whatever it is you want to celebrate, special. Most of you know how I am, I don’t let myself show vulnerability often, I rarely tell people how I feel about them or accept praise well, but seeing the happiness and joy through all of you I’ve worked with so far is exactly what I need and it inspires me to do more. 

With that I am going to commit to updating and posting more, and having this outlet to share the things I am passionate about makes me smile! I'd love for you to share my story and continue this tiny journey with me and am so inspired by all the badass women (and men) out there hustlin'. 

Special thanks to Matisse Rogers for all these beautiful shots of me in my little studio. 

x M